The Gift of Grace by Stephen Cosgrove

East of east and west of the unknown world was an exotic land.
In this land there lived great men of learning - scholars, who read all there was to read and saw all there was to see.
These men studied and gazed at the stars on cold, crystal nights to learn more about the world we lived upon. Among these scholars were three wise men, three kings - Melchus, Caspar, and Phadizarda.
Here, in this land, they lived in regal splendor, for their
knowledge was great and riches were given by the rulers of this land to those who were wise and knew how to prophesize.
Living with these wise men, was an old male servant called Philandron, his wife Esther and their daughter Grace.
Together, they cooked the food, washed the clothes and did any bidding the scholars asked.

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Stephen Cosgrove, the DreamMaker

In 1974 Stephen Cosgrove began writing children's stories.Over the years Stephen has written well-over 300 books ranging from Serendipity Series illustrated by Robin James to the Bugg Books, illustrated by Charles Reasoner. Sandwiched in the middle of his prolific career was the creation of the Treasure Trolls dolls and books, the book supporting the movie Prancer, illustrated by Caroly Heyer , and the Zibbie project. Stephen continues to work with the best of illustrators including Carolyn LaPorte, Laurence Knighton, and Wendy Edelson.

Stephen has recently completed a sequel to the "Wheedle on the Needle" -- "Wheedle and the Noodle" and a new book illustrated by Robin James to be released spring of 2014, "Pickles and the bullies of the P Flock" published by Sasquatch Books and distributed by Random House.
To the delight and distraction of his wife, Celia, Stephen's imagination is constantly engaged in the magic of storytelling.

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