SOS - (the song of the sea)

As this was the end, so it is the beginning.
I float. I gently swim.
I have nowhere to go.
I have everywhere I should be.
I am enigma.
I am empty, yet filled with the singing of the final Song of the Sea. I am memory waiting for one last thought before I, too, will be forgotten.
I am called Harmony.
I am a white whale.
My tears mingle with the waters of life. I grieve for I am the last living whale of my pod -- all others are dead and gone.
My family is dead.
My friends are dead.
Even my loathsome enemy is dead.
The rules of the Song of the Sea are never to be broken. It was by those rules and in defense of those rules that all of the whales of my pod willingly died.
In protest of this waste, this horrible wicked waste of lives, I will live. I choose to sing our song over and over so that all the brethren of the waters will be wrapped in the strength of its melody and lyric and they will learn they need not die! And as prophesized in the Song of the Sea first sang in the Holy Song of Truth, I call for the conclave and as proscribed I will sing my song for you.
This, then, is my singing of the Song of the Sea....

Stephen Cosgrove, the DreamMaker

In 1974 Stephen Cosgrove began writing children's stories.Over the years Stephen has written well-over 300 books ranging from Serendipity Series illustrated by Robin James to the Bugg Books, illustrated by Charles Reasoner. Sandwiched in the middle of his prolific career was the creation of the Treasure Trolls dolls and books, the book supporting the movie Prancer, illustrated by Caroly Heyer , and the Zibbie project. Stephen continues to work with the best of illustrators including Carolyn LaPorte, Laurence Knighton, and Wendy Edelson.

Stephen has recently completed a sequel to the "Wheedle on the Needle" -- "Wheedle and the Noodle" and a new book illustrated by Robin James to be released spring of 2014, "Pickles and the bullies of the P Flock" published by Sasquatch Books and distributed by Random House.
To the delight and distraction of his wife, Celia, Stephen's imagination is constantly engaged in the magic of storytelling.

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