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unicorn festival

Stephen will be appearing at the Holiday Festival

Autographed Books and Stephen will read Morgan and Me and Sparkles (both original Unicorn stories)"

Check it out here:

Book Stephen for an assembly or (better still) a VIRTUAL VISIT


Virtual Visit:

Stephen can appear in your classroom and interact with your students right from his studio in Austin, Texas. Especially effective in encouraging the at-risk readers. He will make the virtual visit a personal, entertaining and inspiring event answering questions, reading stories and discussing many of the characters he has created over the years, as well as talking to your class about their writing.

Cost: $75 for 30 minutes – - $100 for 45 minutes

Writers One on One consultation is designed to review personal writing projects. Writers are encouraged to send samples of their manuscripts prior to the scheduled visit for Stephen’s review and comment.

One on One Digital Visit: $100 for a half hour

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