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“The skill, the art of literacy, is a gift.

To read is to watch as a single word explodes into a confetti of images...

Truly of the gifts given to man, reading is most sacred...

For from words come dreams, and from dreams come better tomorrows.”

Stephen Cosgrove

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serendipty hardcovers

~ ~ NEW ~ ~
Hardcover Serendipity
Collectors Edition

Over the years I have received a myriad of requests for hardcover books and after careful consideration I will be offering a uniquely designed 7” x 10” hardcover book with dust jacket.

The first two titles, “Leo the Lop” and “Creole” will be available June 15, 2019. 

As you can imagine, the cost is a bit staggering, but, still and all, we were able to maintain a reasonable price of $12.95.}

Additionally, as an on-going fund-raising event to enable us to eventually print the entire series we are offering the first 100 books of each of the titles as Numbered Author’s Proofs.  Each book will be labeled ‘Author’s Proof and numbered sequentially 1 through 99 with an embossed autograph.  These extra funds will allow us to move forward with additional titles.

The sequential numbered Author’s Proofs will be priced accordingly:
Numbers   1-10 $100.00 each
Numbers 10-30 $50.00 each
Numbers 30-60 $30.00 each
Numbers 60-99 $25.00 each
All remaining books will be autographed and available for sale at $12.95 through this website.

Email for further details.

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