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song of the sea book The Song of the Sea. Perfect Bound Paperback 300 pages,
Works In Progress
Loody Muddles and the three keys Ever since my creation of the Treasure Trolls (circa 1991) I have been enamored and fascinated by trolls and the lives they lead. I have discovered, as will you, that they are ardent and passionate traders. They have even been known to trade themselves away in exchange for a cup of Hot Hoog and a platter of Skittle Dee-Dees.
The not so different boys In collaboration with artist Carolyn LaPorte I have created a book encapsulating fairness and understanding in this chaotic world we live in. A little boy wrapped in the delightful curiosity of being just a little boy discovers there is little or no difference in different. Not-So-Different Boys a wonderful story for young and old alike. (Spring 2020)

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